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Our team hope you find the information contained in this site helpful. We aim to give you a sense of our wonderful school and to share with you some of the numerous educational opportunities we provide for our students. 

Our school has been an integral part of the local Willaura community for over one hundred years. Our well-resourced school is set in large grounds, with ample play equipment, a school oval, basketball court, outdoor seating and vegetable gardens. Inside we have spacious classrooms, a dedicated art room and music room. 

We are committed to providing the best educational outcomes for all students. Our focus is on building a strong foundation in Literacy and Numeracy. Our broader curriculum includes physical education and art for all year levels.  All students are individuals, coming to school with a diverse range of experiences and learning needs. We work tirelessly to know and understand each child and to ensure they reach their learning potential. 

Simple school rules that are aligned to our values of Stay Safe, Try Your Best, Act Responsibly and Respect ensure that students grow into responsible citizens. We actively endeavour to provide positive reinforcement on these values to encourage positive and respectful behaviours.

We have an active and involved parent body, with our School Council meeting monthly. Parents provide significant support in all aspects of our school. 

Our small school means we have developed a highly personalised, caring community environment where children develop lifelong friendships and relationships with students and staff alike.

If you require additional information or have any questions please contact us. You are welcome to visit our school at any time.

Elissa Keilar - Acting Principal

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Hello Family and Friends of Willaura Primary School,

There is no question that rural schools offer many advantages.  In terms of smaller classroom sizes, the opportunity for more individual, point of need learning.  Smaller classes allow teachers to concentrate on their students' strengths and weaknesses and fosters high expectations and student confidence.

Combining different age groups presents possibilities to provide differentiated and innovative teaching. Teaching mixed ability classes considers the varying developmental stages of students. This is reinforced by research that multi-age grouping results in better learning outcomes.

Smaller class sizes create a personalized environment for building relationships among students and staff. The small size promotes closer and more meaningful relationships with both teachers and other students. Students are appreciated as a "whole person."  As a result, values such as caring, empathy and respect are supported.

Another benefit of strong relationships between teachers and students is that students feel encouraged to take risks both socially and academically. Risk taking is critical to personal development and success. This also means that every student may have a greater opportunity to participate.

Small schools encourage leadership and citizenship. It is only natural that students in small towns are more community-minded.  Engagement with the community fosters a sense of belonging.  It is important that the children connect with their local community and attend their local school to feel included.

Rural schools serve as a cornerstone in rural towns and nurtures a tight knit community with shared values and identity.  The school is the glue that holds rural communities together which develops a strong sense of giving back to the local community and a legacy of commitment to future generations.

Parents play instrumental roles in creating and planning school improvement efforts. They can offer the extra helping hands, but more important, they provide continuity.

 Miss Rae.

 Miss Rae   


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