Willaura Primary School is serviced by two bus routes: Yarram and Stavely. Many of our students travel to and from school each day via bus. Kindergarten students, once they turn four years of age, are also eligible to travel on the bus. 

Bus routes are not managed at a school level. An application is made to the Public Transport department of the Education Department to request a bus route be altered or extended to accommodate new student/s. Please see the Principal to discuss bus routes and stops.
Buses pick up and drop off from behind the school in a safe location separate from other cars and pedestrians. 

Bus rolls are marked each journey. Parents may request that their child travel on a bus if they are a non-bus traveller, travel on a different bus or get off at a different stop. That request can be made in writing or verbally to the school office, Principal or classroom teacher. 

Students are expected to follow usual school rules when travelling on buses and follow directions from the bus drivers, including wearing seatbelts where they are available. Students must remain in their seats at all times and behave in a safe and courteous manner. Any concerns about bus travel can be taken to the Principal. For further information see our school Bus Policy. A copy of this is available from the school office.
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