Junior Years

These essential years span Prep to Year 2. During this time we work very hard to ensure all students gain a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. We explicitly teach sight words, phonics (sounds) and comprehension strategies so that students learn to read with confidence and accuracy and importantly, understand their reading. We engage students by reading to and with them and through buddy reading programs. In partnership with families we set up strong Home Reading routines. Students write from their very first day at school, communicating their ideas and experiences. Student work is displayed at school and in the newsletter. Students learn to spell commonly used words and learn strategies for spelling unknown words.

We develop foundational numeracy skills by building on student's natural curiosity about sorting, counting and making patterns. Concrete materials and ICT are used to help students develop a strong sense of number, shape and measurement in the Junior Years.  
We use a range of approaches to engage our youngest students. During 'Discoveries', students choose activities that appeal to their interests and learn to work with others, communicate, create, share, cooperate, practice things they have learnt and have fun! Discoveries forms the basis for oral language and writing in the Prep/1 classroom. 
The Junior Years are about foundational literacy and numeracy skills, learning to learn, developing social skills, resilience, communication and independence. What an amazing time! 

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