Senior Years

Teachers at Willaura Primary School understand that as students mature they learn best when they feel that their learning is relevant to their lives and where close working relationships exists between teachers and students. We maintain a strong focus on literacy and numeracy as students move through our school. 

Students write for a range of purposes and using a range of text types. We build stamina in reading, continue to develop comprehension skills, spelling strategies and extend students vocabulary. Literacy and numeracy remain our central focus. 
We promote independence, responsibility and teamwork. Senior students have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities including Zone Sport, activities with other schools, excursions and visits to and by local organisations. We offer a varied camping rotation to senior students to allow them to experience challenging and fun activities in different learning environments.
Student leadership is an important focus, and students are encouraged to take on roles where they speak publically, organise events, express opinions and influence their peers.

The curriculum continues to broaden and students are offered increasing choice and responsibility in their learning.
Willaura Primary School
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